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"A Moment Of Time"

An altruistic protagonist in a challenging world.

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Richard Dancu Trifan

Genre: Classical / Symphonic / Operatic

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Richard Trifan started his piano and composition studies before the age of three with his father, Daniel S. Trifan, a classical violinist who followed the tutorial model of Leopold Mozart. He received his formal musical education at the Juilliard School at Lincoln Center, having studied piano at age 12 with the late Mme. Rosina Lhevinne as well as composition and orchestration. At the age of eleven, he won the Philadelphia Orchestra Children's Concerts competition along with his brother Daniel, performing the 2-piano concerto in D Minor by Poulenc. He was the United States winner of the BMI Student Composer Awards at the age of thirteen. In addition to his compositions for the piano, he is also a symphonic composer and composer for the organ. His first opera, the Global Opera, features five acts, each sung in a different language. Richard also attended the Horace Mann School, Columbia University and FDU, and also possesses a BBA and MBA in marketing. Richard currently resides in Ringwood, N.J. and can be contacted by phone at 001-973-728-3160 or 001-201-314-1690 or via Internet at

Artist's Statement:

I am Richard Dancu Trifan, the son of the most wonderful parents that ever lived. They imbued me with far-reaching musical insight.

I dedicate my music towards bridging cultural divides. The responsibility of the few is to entrance, motivate and enlighten the many with works of emotion and skill, inspiring the many towards an equally-rewarding self-expression. I do this from a global perspective and without bias; I would ask for immortality if only to continue this mission.

Recent Works:

The Global Opera

Minuet #11 in D Major

Nocturne #5 in B-flat Major

Ballade #5 in C Minor

Ballade #6 in E Minor

Scherzo #3 in C Minor

Romanian Folk Dance Inspiration

Sonata #1 for Horn and Piano

Three Epigrams for Piano

Quartet #2 in A minor ("the Balkan")

Recent CD Releases

A Program of New Music - recorded live in New York

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